101 SECRET THICK HAIR TIPS LONG & LUSTROUS healthy hair beauty

Thick hair tips

A few fundamental application to basics of healthy living will help you to get rid of major health problems especially if you are hoping for a( lustrous hair tips )thick hair. Maintaining a thick healthy hair is an art. Not everything comes for free in life after you have crosses the childhood stage...loll!. Scientists and researches have advanced the study on the factors that greatly influences ones pattern of shiny, lustrous and thick hair tips.

Some tips for long,lustrous,shiny and Thick hair tips are tentatively given below :

    1. Stay away from stress :

    I always give priority to that:

    Mental Worry's:

    No one knows why mental worry's or stress relates to Gray hair or pre-matured grey hair...but the reason might be our hairs are above head. Might sound silly,but have to accept this fact : Mental worries prolonged for long periods of time turn hair Grey
    This is the King of Causes of gray hair. The graying might not be noticed suddenly or at the time of stress but mostly after some time you are relieved of stress.So, the advice is to not to things if they are eating your mind seriously.Just let things go

    Homely hair solutions.

    I remember a quote from the film "Dil Chahta Hai":
    " if u try to hold mud in your palm closed tightly.....the mud will fall of the gaps in the tightly close hand palm.....but if u keep ur hand open the sand stays there"

    2. Massage:

    Massaging is a magic...an ultimate good hormone booster and Stress Reliever.

    Gentle massage on Scalp for long time with vitamin rich oils like Almond oil, Emu oil,Olive oil and other rich Herbal oils etc act as a smoothing coolant for brain and scalp.It not only keeps brain cool by giving a good blood circulation and giving ultimate freshness to the processor of the human body.

    3. Sleep Well :

    Adequate sleep of 7-8 hours a day is very much necessary for average people..exceptions do exist. But the actual debate here is to have adequate sleep and a stress free life. Combination of both will give you a feeling the

    "Power of a Leopard,the eye of a tiger and sharpness of a Cat"

    Again one of important dense hair tips.

    4. Meditation & Yoga :

    Keep your heart light.

    One of the times tested way from the era of sages till now is to mediate daily for a span of time depending on our leisure and it will promote spiritual growth along with rise in confidence levels as you reach a stage you are in a medium of vibration of communication with god the ultimate source of power.

    5. Breathing and yoga :

    Its a fact that our blood purity is defined by the hemoglobin content in the blood. The story here is that Hemoglobin is made up of oxygen or O2 bonds. So the amount of hemoglobin depends on largely our body's oxygen absorption capability. breathing exercises and yoga help in doing that by cleaning the lungs whose pores get blocked with time with dirt and pollution.

    Its one of useful dense hair tips / thick hair tips floating around.

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