Explore 101 ways for Curing Slow growing hair or Slow hair growth

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Remedies for - Slow growing hair

Recently people complaints on basic hair problems like slow growing hair, hair breakage and hair loss.But its mostly our self hand done.We have to blame ourselves most of time due to lack of self discipline, unless its a big environmental issues causing trouble or other factors which are out of our reach but still human evolved issues.Some of the causes of Slow hair growth are summerised as -Genes Structure,Diet and Hair ,Mental Worry's,massage,Exercises:

  1. Genes Structure

    Hair growth naturally is determined by genes to a larger extent.Yes ..u you got to complain to our parents....loll.

    There goes a saying....

    "Like Father ,like Son.."

    There is a more probability that if your father is bald most likely but not always that the son may also go bald.

  2. Proper Nutrition Diet

    See if you can get proper nutrition is in your Diet.. Your might eat regularly 3-4 times but have to be conscience that you get the exact.Nutrition Supply / Vitamins for slow growing hair

  3. Diet and Hair Diet

    Its a scientifically approved fact that diet and hair are greatly to a larger extent related to each other.Diet for slow growing hair

  4. Physical Activity Diet

    One of the sustain-er of Healthy living is Physical Activity which should occur daily.Say for example:

    • Playing Games
    • Outdoor Games
    • Sweating lot with physical activity
    • Exercises
    • Gyms

  5. Rubbing Nails :

    Its a new Secret am telling to have a healthy hair with life in it.

    Actually rubbing nails of both your hands in opposite direction increases one's blood circulation in your scalp.Actually its very much scientifically proved that the nerves behind our nails are linked to that of Brains. Its a kind of connection.

  6. Stress & Tension.

    Its the root of all the diseases..Also the reason for Slow growing hair

    Mental Worry's:

    No one knows why mental worry's or stress relates to Gray hair or matured hair...but the reason might be our hairs are above head. Might sound silly,but have to accept this fact : Mental worries prolonged for long periods of time turn hair Grey
    This is the King of Causes of gray hair. The graying might not be noticed suddenly or at the time of stress but mostly after some time you are relieved of stress.So, the advice is to not to things if they are eating your mind seriously.Just let things go
    Homely hair solutions. I remember a quote from the film "Dil Chahta Hai":

    " if u try to hold mud in your palm closed tightly.....the mud will fall of the gaps in the tightly close hand palm.....but if u keep ur hand open the sand stays there"

    Download: www.ieType.com/f.php?FOhgNf
  7. Massage :

    Massaging is a magic...an ultimate good hormone booster and Stress Reliever.

    Gentle massage on Scalp for long time with vitamin rich oils like Almond oil, Emu oil,Olive oil and other rich Herbal oils etc act as a smoothing coolant for brain and scalp.It not only keeps brain cool by giving a good blood circulation and giving ultimate freshness to the processor of the human body.

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