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Although hair loss ( Concealing hair loss ) can be embarrassing and traumatic, there are several different products and methods that will help in Concealing hair loss,hiding hair loss,hiding baldness and your thinning hair.

Ready to use products for Hiding Baldness

Depending on whether your hair loss is permanent or temporary, you can cover your head with a hat, scarf or head band, try out a different hair style that more effectively covers your thinning or bald spots, use a specially designed concealer, or pursue surgical options.

Below described are a few tips which can successfully fake the on-appearance or less dense hair pattern to a larger extent.It also depends on the users will be fun if its taken as a challenge:

Step by step guide takes you from figuring out if you are suitable for getting hair extensions all the way to taking care of the extensions once you get them.

    1. Hat,Toupee

    Concealing hair loss / hiding baldness generally means covering the portions of the head that are generally exposed i.e where there is considerable hair loss visible. The main aim is to reduce visibility of white patches in the head / Scalp.

    In cases of baldness, a round cricket hat can be of much usage.It will cover most of the bald portion and will give an illusion that you are still youth full.Because in most people if they go bald, the hair on the sides i.e vertical sides will exist.

    2. Hair Extensions:

    Hair extensions are nothing but adding duplicate hair or inserting readily available hairs from a cosmetic shop and merging with yours.Its very common that women in India do al ot.As they are much concerned about

    These extensions are readily available in a variety of lengths and color shades .This is a much feasible solution.

    3. Medicines: Rogaine

    This medicine called Rogaine has been on the web for many years.Its a English medicine.Not much is known about its results and side effects. But one can consult with dermatologist and take the medicines.

    4. Hair Transplants

    Recent few years or past decade has been really a boom in the technology of cosmetic surgery related to hair and skin. Hair Transplants have become largely publicized for the luxury class as its a bot costlier and need time too.

    What is Hair Transplant..?

    Its very similar to PADDY Field farming.In the Hair Transplant surgery a few strands of hair say some 10-15 strands are surgically placed on the scalp at various places.In a span of time the process of hair growth is slowly starts itself. This is a major advance in the medical technology.Hope fully it will become cost effective and very much user friendly in the near future.

    5. W I G S :

    Hmmm..I guess you must all have seen cinema actors and actress who disguise themselves to a larger extent by wearing WIGS

    Yes..U can also do it to a much smaller extent to avoid or concealing hair loss / hiding hair loss, hiding baldness .Ready made wigs are available in cosmetic shops designed for various face shapes and sizes and colors.

    Overcomming Hiding balding or Concealing hair loss by looking at wrong things you might be doing

    6. Scarfs

    Scarf is a magic for girls in disguise especially. Scarf is something that covers or protects hair from dusts and foreign material.Not only that, but it can also help conceal hair loss to a larger extent.

    7. Blow Dry Hair after Bath

    Its a fact that dry hair tend not to stick together to each other.So blow drying hair can give an illusion of more covered hair .

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